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The Marketing Basics for Every Business

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Are you a new business? You’ve got the service, the product, the strategy . . . now what? You know that you need to get your name out there, but how? Where do you even start?

Every business needs certain basics. A logo, business cards, letterhead, envelopes and a website are all key items to running your business. Not sure what these are exactly? Or unsure why you need them? Keep reading to find out.

Logos are easily identified images and text for your business. It is the visual mark of your business, used on all your paperwork, uniforms, and marketing materials. It creates a cohesive structure for consumers to recognize your business in the crazy mass of companies flooding the marketplace.

Business cards are vital to spreading your name. Small, portable and easily recognized as containing important information, business cards include your logo, name, contact information and sometimes other content such as services or business hours. Once you have a stack of business cards, you can hand them out to people you know, customers you may already have, place them in drawings at restaurants for exposure, give them to strangers, or post them on community boards.

Letterhead is proper stationery representing your company. It contains your logo and contact information, creating a professional and consistent framework for your correspondence with customers, possible clients, other businesses and employees. Matching envelopes make the presentation complete, giving all your paperwork a clean and professional appearance.

In the current digital climate, websites are rising in popularity. A constant advertisement that is open 24 hours a day which is accessible around the world, websites allow you to reach a broader audience for a lower price. Even a small, simple website will allow you to get your business more exposure, providing a list of services and contact information to help potential clients learn more about your company before picking up the phone or meeting with you.

It may seem daunting or extremely expensive for all these marketing pieces. Right now, Brandywine Graphic Associates is offering a special design package of all these items!

$595 Special Pricing on Corporate Identity Packages!

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April 12, 2010 at 2:51 pm

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